As one of the first forwarding companies in the Netherlands, Nouveau Shipping & Transport has been certified in 2010 by the Dutch Customs as an AEO license holder.

The status of an AEO license holder means that Nouveau Shipping & Transport is considered as reliable throughout the European Union when it comes to customs transactions.

In addition to the license for customs formalities, we hold the AEO-S license, which is the most extensive AEO license (AEO-Full) that contributes to the security of the entire logistical chain.

Benefits of the AEO-Full permit include;

  • Less physical and document checks;
  • Priority at customs checks;
  • On request, a check can take place at a specific location (relocation);
  • Pre-notification at custom checks;
  • Recognition of the authorization by other countries (outside the EU) in the context of mutual recognition
    (Mutual Recognition Agreement, (MRA))

The Mutual Recognition Convention (MRA) Agreement is applicable in the following countries: Japan, United States of America, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway and China.

The AEO certificate is valid throughout the European Union. We regularly carry out a self-assessment test and we have a daily monitoring system with which we meet the requirements set by the EU. For renowned clients we both act as indirect and/or direct representative for handling customs matters.

Our declarants have practical professional competence and are all graduated and certified.